I was born Jan 23, 1980. Right here in Daytona Beach Florida, Halifax Hospiltal. I came into this world not knowing what to do and where I was. I have found what I want to do, make others happy and provide something for a lifetime of memories. Creativity in mind, that's what people yurn for. I enjoy challenging my creative side learning about new things. The most important part about anyone's life is be happy. Sometimes you feel your not going anywhere, not making a difference. especially in these hard economic times. Staying focused and happy is a great achievement, no matter your goal or desire, finish it and be it! Thats the most important message that I have while you are reading this.

Now, a little about me. has a lot of info about me but feel free to read on here! I enjoy a lot of things in life. Some of those are being around Lindsay, my wife. Music is a big part of my life. I do play a little bit of acoustic guitar, mostly covers but a few are my own songs. When I am at my workstation here (computer) :), I have my headset on listening away to random songs or the same one over and over disecting it. You can give me any bit of music and I can enjoy it because its the creativity behind it that makes it sound good to me. What about you? what do you do? Tell me your story here. I enjoy hearing from everyone.

So you want to know how I got into Photography? It started from when I was around 15. I found a camera in a drawer at my grandparents house a while back. It had some pictures left on it, and it was just in a drawer. I got into some trouble for using the rest of the film when the pictures were developed they were nothing spectacular but they were MINE! I made those photos come about. I asked for a digital camera for my 16th birthday, but I didn't get one. I got to use my uncles Canon camera instead (prices were expensive like 600.00 for a 1mpx camera) so thats why I didn't get one. I still have the photos I took from the first few shots and the ones from the Canon. I saved up for a sony mavica digital camera that you put a floppy disc in. WOW what was I thinking. Floppy discs were cool back then too!

At 20 I broke free of the point and shoot and began into the SLR Relm, buying my first Nikon D100 camera. I used to go to the race track and stand over the fence and shoot photos inside the international horseshoe when Miguel Duhamel comes crusing through. I still wasn't happy though. I had a lot of distance to cover and no lense. I borrowed Nikki's lens when I first got my camera taking pictures of bugs and spiders with the macro feature of it. That was all I did of bugs, not my favorite. The strangest now I am a fan of bugs and all of that. I still don't do photos of them regularly tho, i leave them to be.